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Biolimpiador Geisha CURATIVE (150ml.)

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Cleanser + Mask effect "porcelain skin".

Un limpiador biológico 2 en 1 que promueve la belleza y firmeza de la piel.
Exfoliates, renews and smoothes smoothing wrinkles and fine lines.
Pomegranate enzymes perform a gentle enzymatic peel to remove dry skin and dead cells, pollution, makeup, and impurities from the pores, returning luminosity, lightening stains and eliminating imperfections.
The clay mixture purifies and smoothes the skin.
No soap,cleaning base derived from natural substances and 100% biodegradable (does not damage the ecosystem by falling into the water).

1- Daily cleanser: Perfectly cleanses the skin and eliminates dead cells due to its gentle peeling effect. Removes impurities, bacteria and sebum without drying out the skin. With its continued use, wrinkles and enlarged pores are blurred. The skin glows.

2- Weekly perfecting mask: Deep cleansing and enzymatic peeling treatment that smoothes the skin, removes dead cells, lightens it, unifies it, closes the pores and eliminates imperfections. For a sublime, radiant, perfect skin.

















Concentrate of active ingredients:

FERMENTED POMEGRANATE ENZYMES: Exfoliante, Cellular renovator. Reduces wrinkles visibly.

ALMIDÓN DE ARROZ : Alisamiento y uniformidad de la piel.

GRAPE OIL: Very moisturizing and nutritious and also rich in ferulic acid: super antioxidant and anti-photoaging.

ROSE WATER: Moisturizing, decongestant, healing, balancing, beautifying.

ALOE VERA: Regenerating and soothing.

RASSoul and Caolin CLAYS: They contain vitamins and trace elements that nourish the skin.

Extraordinary power of purification, cleaning, purification and reduction of enlarged pores.

They provide a natural lifting effect and beautify all skin types unifying the complexion.


  1. Ferments increase the effectiveness of active substances, make them more powerful.
  2. Ferments improve the bioavailability of the asset, so absorb better and we get better results on the skin.
  3. Ferments make the molecular weight of the assets smaller, ensuring that penetrate into deep layers skin.
  4. Ferments create new nutrients: multiply the amount of assets, so you get an "injection" of nutrients and antioxidants.

It has also been shown in different studies that the use of cosmetic ferments improves acne, rosacea or eczema.

CONTAINS NATURAL BIOTECH ASSETS of the latest generation with spectacular anti-wrinkle and firming results.

No | silicones without | petroleum products without synthetic perfumes | without | sulfates paraben-free

without PEG | no formaldehyde | no animal | no animal cruelty

All Biella Carell cosmetics are holistic biocosmetics and are based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine and the use of Ferments to boost assets. The essential oils of our formulas follow the balancing method Yang of Traditional Chinese Medicine to activate the energy flow in the cells.

ACENE Bio and Vegan certified natural product.

Ingredients: Aqua, Vitis vinifera seed oil, Rosa damascena flower wáter*, Coco-glucoside, Decylglucoside, Vitis vinifera seed oil*, Lactobacillus/Punica granatum fruit ferment extract, Moroccan LavaClay, Kaolin, Oryza sativa starch, Aloe barbadensis leaf juice*, Blend of glyceryl stearate-Cetearylalcohol-Stearic acid-Sodium lauroyl glutamate, Benzoic acid-Sorbic acid-Dehydroacetic acid-Benzylalcohol, Aniba rosaedora wood oil, Citrus bergamia peel oil expressed, Sodium benzoate, Potassiumsorbate.

*Ingrediente ecológico certificado

Presentación: Tubo 150 ml.

Modo de uso:

Aplicar mañana y noche sobre la piel húmeda masajeando suavemente. Retirar con abundante agua tibia.

For use as a mask 1 time a week apply directly on damp skin and leave on for 15 minutes. Then moisten and work massaging gently in circles for 1-2 minutes. Remove with plenty of warm water.

Weight 55g

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10 reviews on Biolimpiador Geisha CURATIVE (150ml.)

  1. Alicia

    In just two weeks it has changed my skin a lot, it does not irritate anything and it has reduced the size of my pores a lot.

  2. Monchi.salce

    Very good product for oily skin.

  3. sonia f.

    I love it, I use it as a cleanser and as a mask and I have better skin every day, I do not know how to explain it but in general more beautiful and luminous.

  4. Judith

    I will definitely buy it again.

  5. Fer

    perfect skin!

  6. natalia diaz

    The skin is a wonder and does not dry anything is noticeable that moisturizes while cleansing.

  7. Barbara

    Ideal for skin with open pores leaves the skin uniform and very beautiful.

  8. pink c

    I just started but I have noticed the change, very good.

  9. jady

    A bit expensive but very good, especially as a mask, I recommend it

  10. Carolota

    I use it at night and the feeling is amazing and the best thing is the good face you wake up with! I love it

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